Getting Started

Learn how to setup an device and update it’s location.

Create a Device

The first step is to create a device. Head over to the Devices section in the menu and click Create a Device.

New Device

Give your new device a name. It’s a good idea to name your device with what it is you are tracking (eg: Bugatti Veyron, Fido, Grandma).

New Device

Once your device is created, it will be assigned a unique token. This token identifies your device on our system and will be required with every location update you provide.


Update Device Location

You can update a device’s location via our API by sending a POST request to the following URL:

Device Token

The device token can be sent in the Authorization header using the Bearer schema.

Authorization: Bearer <token>

The token can also be sent with your payload using the token key, although we much prefer you use the Authorization header.

{ "token": "<token>" }

Location Coordinates

Your coordinates need to be sent as a JSON object with the following structure:

// Prefered structure
  "coordinates": {
    "lat": <latitude>,
    "lon": <longitude>

// The following is also accepted
// Array
  "coordinates": [<latitude>, <longitude>]

// String
  "coordinates": "<latitude>,<longitude>"

Location Update Examples

Example using the Authorization header:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJ..." -X POST -d '{ "coordinates": { "lat": 45.427910, "lon": -75.690329 } }' http://api.mysignal.local:5000/locations

45.427910, -75.690329

Example sending the token with the body:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{ "coordinates": { "lat": 45.427910, "lon": -75.690329 }, "token": "eyJ...." }'

Particle Webhook Setup

Head over to the Particle Console to the Intergration section and click to create a new Webhook integration.


The following configuration assumes you are using the example Asset Tracker firmware provided by Particle.

Important Note: The Authorization Bearer token in the HTTP Headers is the device token you created in the Signal app.

Particle Webhook setup Particle Webhook setup Particle Webhook setup Particle Webhook setup